Tuesday, May 22, 2012

US ranks first in wealth, twelfth in happiness

So says the OECD, according to this report:

It seems the old adage holds true: Money can't buy happiness.At least that's according to the Better Life Index released Tuesday by the Paris-based think tank Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD ranked the United States No. 1 in terms of household wealth and 12th in life satisfaction out of 36 countries tracked.Denmark--which ranked 16 in household wealth--took the prize for the happiest OECD nation, while Hungary--listed at 29 in terms of income--ranked the lowest.Americans' household wealth is about $102,000 on average, significantly higher than those in many other developed countries. Only Switzerland comes close, at about $95,000 on average.

More at the OECD's own very interesting site here (although it needs Flash).


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