Monday, September 3, 2012

Interaction, not isolation

Here is a wonderful example of cultural mixing and mash-up, not to mention creativity and originality: major movies portrayed in Persian miniature style.

Incidentally, the Met has some of the finest examples of original Persian miniatures in existence. The Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp , leaves from a fabulous illuminated book of the Iranian national epic, are tucked into a far corner of the new Islamic Wing.

As the Met description says,

The artistic importance of this manuscript cannot be overestimated. It is considered one of the highest achievements in the arts of the book for its superb calligraphy, painting, and illumination. From a pictorial point of view, it also marks the synthesis of the two most important phases of the Persian tradition—the Turkman style, which developed in Tabriz and Shiraz, and the Timurid style, associated with Herat.

They usually have six leaves of the books on display. It is one of the great cultural treasures of New York city, and absolutely worth seeing.

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