Friday, August 10, 2012

Sun comes out for the London Olympics

The Olympics have actually been going very well for the Brits, particularly the medal count. There have been no major disasters or logistical foul-ups. So the national mood has turned from pessimism to elation. It's like emotional whiplash, says Roger Cohen in the NYT.

But maybe, he says, it is because such collective coming together is sadly rare.

In truth the lesson of Britain’s bout of bipolarity is that we are lonely. That is the problem with modernity. When we come together, rediscover community, the feeling is as good as an adrenalin rush.

We just detested the mawkish, awkward and self-indulgent opening ceremony. Indeed, ironically the Brits may be feeling better precisely because of some unfashionable patriotic victories and feeling proud of themselves rather than the establishment leftist agitprop of the opening ceremony, all the children in sick beds and Mr Bean and milling ravers.

You have to be glad for the Brits getting some gleams of sunshine. We're still deeply frustrated by NBC's awful tv coverage, but dazzled by some Team USA achievements


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