Monday, August 27, 2012

Curious that there is not more action on Isaac

New Orleans has decided not to order an evacuation yet, apparently trusting that the levees can withstand the predicted Cat 1 storm. But informed meteorologists seem to be much more worried. Here's one at Weather Underground warning of a potential "nightmare scenario" because the storm will move over the city very slowly:

In fact, that size and slow forward speed will make this a hurricane experience like none in memory, if it comes together as forecast. The weather will deteriorate tomorrow (Monday) in the Florida Panhandle, and tomorrow night across the rest of the northern Gulf coast. Then Tuesday the storm approaches the coast and a whole day later it is just inland on the current timetable. Even Thursday there is still onshore wind over part of the coast.

Of course, officials don't want to panic ... But NOW would be a good time to evacuate the most vulnerable people or areas in the city, like clearing movable hospital patients.

Almost exactly this time last year, we were sheltering in place for Hurricane Irene coming ashore in NYC. That turned out to be less bad than feared, at least in the city, but I am glad we were prepared.


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