Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two fascinating energy stories

Here's two fabulous posts about energy in short succession on Via Meadia, both of which came as news to me.

  • India's great power potential could be undermined by growing energy shortages. Geopolitical power could be diminished by a lack of actual electrical power. The government subsidizes kerosene, gasoline and other basic necessities, and is reluctant to change that because of the potential destabilizing effect on the poor. But it also means there is little or no incentive to grow capacity.
  • In contrast, Israel is suddenly turning into a potential energy power. It has potentially vast shale oil and gas reserves. (I had to google this in other places before I believed it.) There are already some geopolitical consequences, with Russia and India showing interest in cooperation with the Israelis. The Gulf Arabs may have much less clout abroad.

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