Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why Women Can't Have it All?

There's a furore over this Atlantic article in the latest issue. In fact, G is a little outraged, thinking it's another cunning article to make women feel bad.

No, says G, I am just reporting that other people are outraged!

I don't really see what is so new about it, to be honest, I say. It's another work-life balance issue lament. True, but not new, And I wonder if it applies more to a particular ivy-league northeastern set in any case. Especially those who work in law, or, as in many DC jobs, a lawyerish culture. The billable hour affliction has spread wide.

Maybe, says G. Though e-mail has really broken down the divide between home and work life. In any case, I agree with this Salon magazine response, which asks why we don't ask men if they are fully happy, fulfilled and having it all in the same way.

It's not as if people who work crazy hours are even that effective or innovative, I say. It's actually a productivity problem. You can't look at things in a fresh way if you're working 12 hour days. It's just grunt work.

And .... maybe also people are a little bitter that they don't have as much choice as they want in their lives, over the trade-offs. That's not purely a feminist issue. It's just not the pursuit of happiness.


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