Monday, January 9, 2012

Sun and rain on the terrace

Where and how we work can lead to profound social change, as we just saw in the last post. And so I am struck again at how much difference the little ipad and keyboard makes to how I can do things. 

We flew out for ten days vacation on Saturday, a long flight to one of the warmer, palm-tree fringed parts of the US. 

And so I am now sitting on the balcony of our rented condo apartment, looking out over ocean and mountains, palm-trees and dappled parades of clouds across the landscape , and the sun flitting amidst the rainclouds. (It will brighten up later).

It is just remarkable to be so connected when we are so far away, so convenient to be able to write and think here on a balcony. It's a brief episode of an ideal. 

A rainbow just appeared. 

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