Monday, September 19, 2011

Stress and insomnia across America

The world feels grim right now. I think everyone feels a little trapped and under stress, as the economic outlook is clouding over. People are losing jobs or having to stay in jobs they have no option but to stick with for the time being. Change is speeding up and uncertainty is rife.

Europe looks worse by the day. Credit is out of control in China. The Middle East is on the boil, as the Palestinians seek a UN declaration of a state and the Arab Spring has storms.

And it's Monday morning.

It feels like 2008 again.

Of course, we must be resilient and also look for opportunities. I'm seizing the chance to refinance the mortgage at 3.25%, the lowest rate in sixty years. But a lot of the motivation is just having lower payments in a period of turbulence.

Things seem tight with tension, like a wound-up spring.

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